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Thinking of Selling Your Mobile/Manufactured Home?


    Thinking of Selling Your Mobile Home?

  • Create Curb Appeal to Make A Great First Impression (Clean the Exterior, Organize Clutter, Trim Bushes, Mow Lawn, Rake Leaves, Etc.)
  • Make Sure the Inside of Your Home is Neat, Clean, Tidy & Odor Free From Pets or Smoke.
  • Box Up Personal Items, Organize Closets & Cabinets, Put Excess Furniture & Belongings in Storage Donate Items You Don’t Need Anymore.
  • Make Minor Repairs, Such as Touch Up Painting, Patch Holes in Walls, Fix Leaky Faucets, Replace Burned Out Light Bulbs, Fix Doors That Don’t Close Properly.
  • If You’ve Considered Replacing Worn Rugs, Towels, Bed Spreads, Etc.—Now Is The Time To Do It!
  • When It Comes Time to Show Your Home to a Potential Buyer, Be Absent or As Inconspicuous As Possible.
  • If An Offer Is Made That Is Much Lower Than Your Asking Price, Don’t Make An Instant Rejection. Instead Listen to the Advice of Your Agent.
  • Consider Dropping Your Price If Several Months Go By With Few Showings or No Offers. Be Patient & Don’t Get Discouraged.
  • Homes Take Longer to Sell.
  • Right Now It Is a Buyers Market.

If you’d like to find out market values of mobile homes / manufactured homes in your area, contact one of our agents! All our agents are professionals — a cut above the rest.

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    Thinking of Selling Your Mobile Home?
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