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The Advantages of Living in a Land Lease Community

Living in a manufactured home community where home owners lease the lot where their home is located from the park owner is the right decision for many.

The land lease situation allows home owners to use their life savings as they wish, and to live in a community where standards are highly maintained. Additionally, residents enjoy a plethora of social and recreational amenities, accompanied by a sense of community and kindness toward fellow residents.

Land Lease AdvantagesAdvantages of Renting Your Mobile Home Lot/Leasing land involves low up-front costs and predictable costs thereafter when compared to land purchase. After saving, investing, and carefully preparing for the golden years, residents of land lease communities are able to use their available resources to enjoy life as they wish, rather than have them tied up in real estate. Having the freedom to travel, to continue to invest for the future, and unforeseen circumstances are priorities that often come before supporting real estate developers and paying ever increasing property taxes. Remember-with leased land, the home owner pays no property taxes!

Land lease communities are likely to be well managed and maintained. The owner is perpetually obliged to maintain high standards, in order to keep residents satisfied. Most new residents learn of the communities through referrals, and good news travels quickly. Security patrols, as well as reasonable noise and pet restrictions help keep residents safe and comfortable. Community owners limit the monthly lot rental fees to stay competitive in the area marketplace, while maintaining standards and services that the residents have learned to expect.

Residents of land lease communities are accustomed to a wide variety of social and recreational community amenities. Some of these are clubhouses with scheduled events, pools, spas, fitness centers, pool rooms, crafts rooms, golf courses, shuffleboard, tennis, bocce ball, horseshoes, RV storage, etc. Family parks offer more activities and facilities for younger residents, including playgrounds and basketball courts. Specific lists of amenities vary from park to park; check with your local agent for details.

Land Lease AdvantageAdvantages of Renting Your Mobile Home Lot Perhaps the most important advantage of residing in a land lease community is the sense of fellowship, care, and consideration residents extend toward one another. Whatever your specific needs: from a ride to the airport, assistance with home care, to a comforting hand to hold in the event of a family hardship, rest assured that your neighbors will be there for you at all times. Because most residents have shared needs, interests, and experiences, a sense of family is naturally created and new home owners are immediately welcomed.

For these reasons and more, consider joining the many people who have made the lifestyle choice of residing in a land lease community. This will allow you to utilize your savings as you wish, live in a well maintained and safe community, enjoy countless social and recreational activities, and finally, to live surrounded by friends and neighbors who truly care for each other.

Please feel free to contact any of our professional sales agents for more information about our listings and the communities served by American Mobile Home Sales. We will assist you through every step of the home buying process.

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